Lake Naivasha, Kenya.

Lake Naivasha is a fresh water lake located in the rift valley region of Kenya. Its one of the tourists attractions in Kenya that has currently mentioned to be the second well visited attraction during the festive seasons from Mombasa. ImageOnly few visitors on their Kenya safaris miss to visit Lake naivasha. It has attraction and activities that ranges from boat riding Kenya safari, nature walk safaris, birding safaris, horse riding safaris and other activities that are available in other tourist destinations. Clients who are on Kenya wildlife safaris usually visit the hells gate national park that is locate few minutes drive from the lake. ImageHells gate is well known for its amazing walking in the gorge.Its the only park in the country where by walking and cycling inside the park is allowed. Lake Naivasha is also second in the world in growing the flowers from Holland. Other interesting sites includes mt. longonot national park and crescent island.