Kenya destination is not only made of wildlife but also various birds’ species. These varieties of birds in Kenya are made possible by the favorable climate, diverse habitats and geographical features that make it a suitable migratory route for birds. Among the famous destination for birds include Kakamega forest, Lake Nakuru which has millions of flamingoes, Pelicans, Marabou stork among other bird species.

Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, it has more than 600 resident and migratory bird species are found; more than in any other capital city, and more than in most countries. One could just enjoy the storks flying across the blue sky as he or she relaxes in the beauty of city. The giant Marabou Storks, a frequent visitor to the city, now nests on the acacia trees along the streets giving you a nice capture as you relax in the city centre.

Other famous attraction includes the dry-country parks of Tsavo or Samburu, the western grasslands of the Maasai Mara, one of the Rift Valley lakes or one of the highland forests, will produce a long and varied bird list making ones to experience the magical of Kenya

However, every destination site is known for its unique birds as like in western Kenya, Kakamega Forest is a little patch of Guineo-Congolian rainforest in Kenya. Among the many rainforest species found are spectacular Turaco and Hornbills.

The famous Masai Mara has remain to be home to migratory and non migratory birds for a decades of years and this have remain to attract tourists year round. Among the birds found in the Masai Mara include: Bastards, Starlings, Stork, Vultures, Ostriches, Eagles, Spa wings, Lilac rollers among others.

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Kenya awarded Kshs 18million equipment secured to support Night Vision in protecting Kenya wildlife

Posted on July 23, 2014

A nice move as Kenya Wildlife Service has received a significant boost in its fight against poaching with a pledge of Kshs. 17.8million (US $ 210,000) towards the purchase of night vision equipment that will be used to enhance the protection of wildlife in their natural ecosystem. 

The support was made to the KWS team while attending the recently concluded 2014 Smithsonian Folk Festival – Kenya Mambo Poa in Washington DC. The night vision equipment which has high performance capability will enable the KWS rangers to “own the night” as they patrol within the perimeter of the parks thus poaching will going to be a thing of the past in Kenya destination.

The pledges were made by the Wood and Tiger Foundation Kshs 5.5million (US $ 64,000), Pegasus Foundation Kshs 3.8million (US $ 45,000), and Wild Cat Foundation through Animal Welfare Institute will provide Kshs. 8.5million (US $ 100,000) to enable Kenya  rangers monitor the anti-poaching which have been come rampant in  most of Kenya attractions sites.

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The Notch’s King Legacy in Masai Mara safaris.

All the great features of the Mara are special in their own way. They are natural and unmovable. They are ever present, ever striking and forever talked about and cherished by generations, ancient, recent and present. The plains, the elevated grounds, the rivers and the annual longest distance and most massive marathon on earth; the wildebeest migration are the phenomena upon which spectacular images have been shot and jaw-dropping stories put down.
This is just the little we know for the little time we roam the vastness of the world’s most talked about land. But perhaps Notch, the King of Mara knows, beyond what we see about the drama that unfolds on the ground all night and all day. This King owns the Mara, it breeds into it and puts life to where it has been taken away or where it has never been.
Being the most prominent cat of Kenya’s Masai Mara, and the most popular lion in the region, he is an official public figure.

He is influential, resistant, tough, energetic, protective and a mascot of pride and territorial control. You would forgive him for his ruthlessness to the enemy when you meet him and see his macho figure, the handsomeness in his eyes, his undiluted mane, and so greatly his brood of boys that he is endowing Mara to so that they may by his orders protect and breed into it like he solemnly did in the light and in the dark of his heyday, so that when he is no more the brilliance of his lamp lives on.
He protects his sons and they protect him. His polygamous lifestyle takes him to every inch of the reserve, to inspect his territory, to reassure his big girls and to cuddle his adorable brood. To the lions of Masai Mara waiting on the queue, Notch has lived a long life. But to the tour guides, game rangers and tourists who called him by name, the big cat film makers and to the authors, Notch has lived a short life full of bliss, pride, dominance and a self acquired legacy.
This uncommon public figure, has roared his way into the big channels of the globe, bitten his path to the awesome records in the diaries of the Big Cats and leaped his road ahead of many other lions and brought to himself an empire. He has made friends in Africa his home place, Asia where he is fondly remembered, Australia where his images lie, South America where his stories are told this minute, North America where a film of him is on, Europe where he is widely saluted and probably in heaven where he was sent from.
When he is gone, if he is gone, if he ever goes, his force in the shadows and dreams of those who watched him in documentaries, read of him in books or heard of him in verbal tales shall be represented by the multitude of his living effects today. The consequences of his existence when he goes to rest shall be seen on his tracks and the strong scent of the thick skin of the life he excellently lived. When the living lions imagine, dream or remember the vibration his roar caused across the Mara, they will tremble with the nostalgia of his majestic legacy.


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Chimpanzee game view in Kenya safaris.

Ever planning to view Chimpanzee? Adventure to the beauty land of for Ol Pejeta in Kenya safaris for real life events. Ol pejeta is East Africa’s Largest Black Rhino Sanctuary, the only place in Kenya to see chimpanzees and holds some of the highest predator densities in Kenya. Visiting a private ranch in this region is an ideal way of exploring the Kenyan wilderness while getting off the well beaten paths of the National Parks. The real attraction of Laikipia is a wonderful sense of freedom. Not just the freedom of wide open spaces, but freedom of choice.
To live for this memorable experience, staying on a private ranch gives a wide range of options for both activities and relaxation. Game viewing tends to be more intimate and adventurous. The emphasis here is on personal services, backed up by excellent local knowledge and guiding. As a personal guest, you will have the chance to set your own schedules, explore at your own pace, and discover the wild in your own way.
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Baboon Love while on a kenya safari.

Baboons gaze at each other during courtship too. These animals may have branched off of our human evolutionary tree more than 19 million years ago, yet this similarity in wooing persists. As anthropologist Barbara Smuts had said of a budding baboon courtship on the Eburru cliffs in Naivasha, Kenya while on a kenya safari, “It looked like watching two novices in a singles bar.”Image

The affair began one evening when a female baboon, Thalia, turned and caught a young male, Alex staring at her. They were about 15 feet apart. He glanced away immediately. So she stared at him—until he turned to look at her. Then she intently fiddled with her toes. On it went. Each time she stared at him, he looked away; each time he stared at her, she groomed her feet. Finally Alex caught Thalia gazing at him—the “return gaze.”Image

Immediately he flattened his ears against his head, narrowed his eyelids, and began to smack his lips, the height of friendliness in baboon society. Thalia froze. Then, for a long moment, she looked him in the eye. Only after this extended eye contact had occurred did Alex approach her, at which point Thalia began to groom him—the beginning of a friendship and sexual liaison that was still going strong six years later, when Smuts returned to Kenya to study baboon friendships.

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Kenya safaris.

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Crazy Places To Eat Before You Die……..

In order to bring in more customers some restaurants around the world are using fun themes and restaurant menus with a twist. We have searched high and wide to bring you a list of the 15 most craziest places to eat before you die.

1. The Magic Restroom Cafe (City of Industry, CA)Image

Food that looks like stuff that belongs in a toilet and is actually served in mini toilet bowls.

2. Dinner in the Sky (various locationsImage

Theme: Regular dining, except you are suspended in the air. Dinner in the Sky is a Belgian based service that utilizes a crane to lift its diners 150 feet into the sky.

3. Robot Restaurant (Tokyo, Japan) Image

Theme: Neon-hued chaos, strobe lights, scantily clad performers and robots. Lots of robots.

4. Labassin Waterfall Restaurant (PHILIPPINES) Image

Theme: Dine at the bottom of a natural waterfall. You may get your feet wet eating here.

5. The Airplane Restaurant (Colorado Springs, CO)ImageImage

Theme: Aviation. The restaurant rests inside a converted Boeing KC-97.

6.The Ninja Restaurant (Manhattan, New York) Image

Theme: Ninjas! Food is served by wait staff in ninja garb, who periodically jump out of nooks and crannies to scare you. Apparently ninjas love pranks.

 7. Heart Attack Grill (Las Vegas, NV) Image

Theme: Obesity and heart disease. Larger patrons eat free and those who don’t finish their meals are spanked by waitresses dressed as nurses

8. Japanese Cat CafesImage

Theme: Pure unbridled cat happiness. For about 10 bucks an hour, you can lounge around and play with cats. Heavenly. Cat cafes are popular across Japan and each one is different.

9. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant (Maldives) Image

Theme: Known as the first-ever transparent undersea restaurant in the world, the restaurant sitting five meters below the sea level of the Indian Ocean, surrounded by a vibrant coral reef and encased in clear acrylic offering diners 270-degrees of panoramic underwater views.

10. The Disaster Cafe (Lloret de Mar, Spain) Image

Theme: DESTRUCTION. The entire restaurant shakes with the force of a simulated earthquake. Patrons are not warned beforehand.

James N. Mucheru

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Lake Naivasha, Kenya.

Lake Naivasha is a fresh water lake located in the rift valley region of Kenya. Its one of the tourists attractions in Kenya that has currently mentioned to be the second well visited attraction during the festive seasons from Mombasa. ImageOnly few visitors on their Kenya safaris miss to visit Lake naivasha. It has attraction and activities that ranges from boat riding Kenya safari, nature walk safaris, birding safaris, horse riding safaris and other activities that are available in other tourist destinations. Clients who are on Kenya wildlife safaris usually visit the hells gate national park that is locate few minutes drive from the lake. ImageHells gate is well known for its amazing walking in the gorge.Its the only park in the country where by walking and cycling inside the park is allowed. Lake Naivasha is also second in the world in growing the flowers from Holland. Other interesting sites includes mt. longonot national park and crescent island.